The sterkly lions came out to play at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) in Los Angeles and had a fabulously stimulating time! The exhibitors at the E3 Expo presented phenomenal displays and experiences for video game enthusiasts and business partners alike. This expo is known for debuting soon to be released products including software, hardware, and consoles and its invigorating displays of the past, present, and future of gaming. Check out some of my favorite experiences from E3 below!

Megan MacDonald, Michelle Tacawy, Hello Kitty, E3 Expo 2012

Megan and I with our favorite kitty!


Ryu, Street Fighter, E3 Expo 2012

A pretty rad Ryu figurine


Michelle Tacawy, EA Sports, E3 Expo 2012

My attempt at a panoramic photo of the oustanding EA Sports exhibit


Just Dance 4, Nintendo Wii, E3 Expo 2012

Just one of the many performances of interactive games – this one is for Wii’s Just Dance 4


Activision, E3 Expo

Just a snapshot of the breathtaking Activision exhibit, featuring gaming rooms and a humongous screen with game trailers


Megan MacDonald, Michelle Tacawy, Nintendo Wii U, SiNG, FreeStyleGames, E3 Expo 2012

Megan and I testing out FreeStyleGame’s SiNG interactive game on the new Wii U…leave it to a sterkly lion to start a dance party wherever he or she goes


Craig Kelemen, Mario Bros, Videogame History Museum

Craig soaking up some classic arcade games


Halo 4, E3 Expo, Warthog

A real life Halo warthog


Xbox360 Kinect, NBA Baller Beats, E3 Expo 2012

A demonstration of Kinect’s new game “NBA Baller Beats”


Megan MacDonald, Michelle Tacawy, Nintendo, E3 Expo 2012

Finally, Megan and I in Nintendo heaven – where I hope my virtual self will remain forever