There is nothing more frustrating than building out a campaign from split test to scaling, only to receive an auto response email saying your account has been banned. Without warning you are not only stripped of your account access, but face the wrath of your ad trafficking platform. There are multiple ways to address this issue, but none are more effective than having the foresight to avoid a ban. Insulating your business from major harm and changes can be a daunting task in an ever-evolving industry, but one that will separate a flash in the pan marketer from a long term affiliate business.

The old adage used to be, have multiple accounts to run your different campaigns and if one gets suspended, shift your traffic to the next one. The folly in this thinking is that if you have a bunch of inter connected accounts under your name or business name, if one gets popped they are all going to get shut down. I’m not saying that setting up different accounts isn’t a necessary and common tool in affiliate marketing, but doing so solely to run borderline ads and traffic at your leisure probably is a recipe for disaster. The key is to find the best balance of weighing the risk of how directly to the source your traffic should be run, versus the reward of a higher payout and or lesser cost.

An example of this would be running a campaign straight through an Adwords platform or running it through a CPA Network. From creative click through rate, to masterful keyword lists your campaign could be set up for an incredible ROI. But before you can even get out of the gate, your account gets slapped for compliance issues. The problem is, your campaign could require a complete makeover to get approved, some of which are usually the following:

  • Ad Placement:Monitoring the desire to place too many ads on a page that is getting a great conversion rate can be difficult. Who wouldn’t want to add to their business success? Be careful about not only placing too many ads on selected sites, but where in which they appear. A common oversight that is a big proponent to accounts getting banned.
  • Site Content/ Ad Copy:The campaign restrictions are there for a reason. Advertisers are extremely picky of the way in which their product or service is published, and the more branded the offer the more intricate the conditions.
  • Vertical Type:As your campaigns go through the normal ebbs and flows of an offer cycle, there will be certain trends that can be taken away on both affiliate and advertiser ends. Advertisers focus on what types of traffic and data convert best for their business needs, while the affiliate concentrates on scaling volume while cutting costs. This back and forth ultimately results in a saturation of the offer and new regulations that will be handed out to keep things compliant. This has led to a high level of sensitivity in certain verticals like dating, health and beauty.

One of the most effective long term strategies to avoid these types of issues is working with a CPA network. With the ability to create and link your ad in more dynamic ways, to having a dedicated account manager there to help you fine tune the campaign within the offer restrictions, you are following a path towards a far more sustainable business strategy. Nothing can ever predict how sensitive a traffic platform or an advertiser may be towards your promotion methods, making it extremely important that you trust your partners that are involved in the process. Working with the right CPA network puts a vesting interest in the success of your campaigns, and adds resources from compliance to legal backing as a tool to help grow and protect your business.