Top 10 Mobile Affiliate Networks

2012 is the year for mobile affiliates. Millionaires will be made, so now is the time to learn the ropes. One reason is because even today there isn’t a huge amount of competition yet, so this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead in the mobile market.

There are a load of new exciting players operating in the mobile ad market. Here is a quick run down of some of the top mobile advertising networks out there today (in no particular order):


Offermobi is the first affiliate network focused on the mobile web. They provide the ability to drive high quality, high volume acquisitions with no risk, as their entire network is on a CPA model. They have a variety of offers, from big brand names to exclusive offers.


Mobfox has been making a lot of waves recently – it was founded by a 17 year old high school student but has achieved some great traction off the back of some innovative features.   The network promises to achieve much higher CPM than other networks, and it appears that they frequently manage to deliver this.


MobPartner is a global leader in the online advertising channels of affiliate mobile marketing. They believe in developing great relationships with clients, and offer a flexible approach to deliver customized solutions based on individual client objectives.

Linking Mobile:

This is the first UK based international mobile affiliate network. It has unique LinkMASTM platform which permits mobile application and sites to join with advertisers on a CPA basis. Linking Mobile has a global reach and provides excellent reporting, tracking, billing via LinkMaxTM, and excellent conversion rates.


Kissmyads is an Anglo-German based mobile affiliate network with an area of CPA offers mobile content and mobile commerce. Recently, it has announced a big offer which is full life-cycle revenue share on fix programs for subscription.


Sponsormob runs a very successful CPA-based affiliate network for mobile and has recently launched an advanced tracking tool for iphone applications.  They offer a large number of high quality programs and have excellent tracking technology.


YeahMobi is another mobile CPA network with more than 1000 affiliates. YeahMobi does well with mobile subscription, games, mobile content, dating, lead generation and several of other verticals. Meanwhile, it has also two other sister networks: YeahIncent and YeahCPA.

Liquid Wireless:

Liquid Wireless focuses on offers based on a cost per lead (CPL) model.  Liquid Wireless has also developed a pay per call lead generation model.  They also work very closely with their advertisers to optimize landing pages and so on for data capture.  They are rapidly gaining traction and another network to watch for the future.


MobXperience is an easy performance solution built by 2 veterans of the online industry. MobXperience is mainly active in the US, Europe and Asia.


Mobilda is part of MarsMediaGroup an online marketing and advertising agency, located in Israel. Mobilda stands side by side with their partners, helping them achieve their goals using mobile advertising.