1. Non-Competitive Payout

Affiliates can find your offer or a similar offer elsewhere for a higher payout. Even their children recognize the sweeter deal.

2. Lack of AM Support

Affiliates are not getting the help they need from their AM to get set up, scale, and optimize or are not getting enough offer data.

3. Scrubbing

Affiliates do not want to be subjected to scrubs.

4. Offer Does Not Fit Their Traffic Sources

Perhaps your affiliate’s traffic sources just don’t swing that way.

5. Market is Too Saturated with Your Offer or Similar Offers

Perhaps your offer has “got around” a bit too much and is no longer attractive to a competitive affiliate.

6. Their resources are maxed out

If something else is working well for your affiliate, they are less likely to dedicate time and resources to something new until they need to.

7. Cash Flow

Your affiliate may not have the cash flow to invest in trying out your offer – often times a prepayment can help to encourage affiliate effort.

8. Tracking Platform Not User Friendly

If it is not easy to pull offer and creative assets from your user interface, do not expect your affiliates to bother.

9. Lack of Creative Diversity

Affiliates require particular sizes and file types to work with - they appreciate diversity in creative assets including exclusive and seasonal creatives.

10. Offer Does Not Convert

If your offer generates a high CTR but a low conversion rate -this is going to scare off affiliates like dial up scares all good human beings.