The computer and internet gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar giant, worth around $74 billion in 2011. If you have ever wondered why anyone would be willing to spend their hard-earned money on a video game, the reasons are simple… and yet, complex.

Primarily, games are fun! This is why in the US alone, 83% of people play video games. Additionally, as platforms, graphics, and mechanics evolve the games we play are ever more immersive and psychologically gratifying. Gamification is a very powerful motivator which has left its own unique mark on nearly every industry. With computer gaming monetization models constantly being revolutionized, ever more gamers are brought into the fold finding great reward in unsuspecting tasks.

So what does all of this mean to the affiliate marketing world? Massive earnings potential! These ten simple tips will help you find favor with gamers.

1. Identify who plays online games.

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The short answer… everyone! According to the Entertainment Software Association the average game player age is 37 with 53% of gamers falling into the 18-49 bracket and a solid 29% of gamers hit the charts at 50+.

2. Appeal to the gamer’s inner nature.

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The complexities and intricacies of the gamer psyche are far greater than I can begin to scratch the surface of here. Yet, most gamers share at least a few qualities, such as a competitive nature, sentimentality, and a desire and skill for accomplishing goals. Many of these traits held by those of us who love games are already commonly leveraged by the digital marketing industry. Stay up to date with current events in the game industry such as major content releases and anniversaries, and customize your creatives to keep quality traffic headed your way.

3. Research which genres of games are played online most often.

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Gamers are as varied as the games we play. However, understanding which games your users are playing will assist you in finding the best offers. Puzzle, Board Game, Trivia, and Card Games account for 47% of online games played. 21% of gamers are playing action, sports, strategy, and role-playing games. Downloadable games slide in at 13% and the persistant multi-player universe accounts for 11% of games played.

4. Consider where, and with what devices, your audience plays their games.

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In our modern world of handheld devices it should come as no surprise that over half of gamers, 55%, play games on their mobile device. However, for some of us, it is hard to imagine any activity taking the place of our PC games. Infact, a third of gamers say that playing computer and video games ranks as their favorite source of entertainment.

5. Clear Call to Action to drive conversions.

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One of the most important things you can do to successfully convert the right gamer for your interactive entertainment offer, is to provide a well worded Call to Action. Consider your offer, and the message you want to portray. Identify terms that are more likely to achieve a goal from a gamer. Instead of “Download Now” try “Play for Free!”

6. Drive traffic to a high-converting landing page.

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It is important for marketers and advertisers to clearly communicate the value of their offers. The internet gaming industry is crawling with free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) and gamers have no shortage of options to choose from. You have only a few seconds to capture your audience.

7. Know who is buying video games.

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The age of the average individual purchasing video games is slightly higher than the age of the average players. For the most frequent of video game purchases we find on average that the buyer will be 41 years of age, and is slightly more likely to be male with females contribuiting 48% of purchases.

8. Nostalgia is a powerful tool.


Many gamers are hardwired to associate the freedom and joy of their youth with their time spent gaming. However, even though the gaming community tends to be rough on new and emerging games and platforms, our loyalty runs deep and memory is kind. When we reflect on our experiences as gamers, an average of 12 years – we’re practically experts, we find that we have somehow formed connections with those games. Never underestimate the power of a blast-from-the-past. Sometimes just the simplest tease of a game once loved is all it takes to go from impression to conversion.

9. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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“What [many] companies are doing, is a simple economic experiment. They know gamers are a loyal group, and they want to see just how far they can push you to shell out money for the “complete” experience of a game you love […] For every [gamer] who has the moral fortitude to take a stand and say no, there are a hundred thousand other gamers who don’t care enough to keep the $10 in their pocket.” – Paul Tassi

10. Remember to keep it fun!

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Keep things simple, and light. Gamers are intelligent and investigatory individuals who will appreciate a concisely presented point, while rejecting meaningless content. Revel in the freedom to experiment with your offers, and enjoy the fast paced ride of the gaming industry. Above all else, remember that simple motivator that keeps gamers coming back; we like to have fun.