You’ve put your passion to work and built up a loyal following, what now? Well, it’s time to reward yourself for all the hard work by monetizing your website!

Website monetization is the act of generating revenue from existing website traffic via advertising, data monetization, and/or the development of a valuable asset.

You’ve already made it to our site, so I think you ought to know that the sterkly affiliate network and software bundling program can help with your monetization efforts. We have a full-service hands on team that can help you determine which advertising methods in the affiliate space would be the best fit for your website.

First and foremost, my suggestion to all website and blog owners is to know your audience before considering monetization methods. You must know the demographics of your users to be able to efficiently place relevant advertising on your site.

There are several forms of website monetization you ought to consider. When deciding which option you’d like to try, take into consideration the type of user activity your followers engage in on your site, the placements on your site that are hot spots for visual attention, and ultimately what makes the most sense to you.


Website advertisements tend to be best fit for pay per click (PPC) and cost per impression (CPM) models, however, there are a variety of revenue models that may work best with your type of traffic. Advertisements are typically provided by affiliate programs, such as the sterkly affiliate network. Display advertisements come in many shapes and sizes and are provided by affiliate programs in exchange for some sort of payable action, whether it is an impression, click, or actionable conversion.

Quick Tips: Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. You will not typically have success saturating your site with ads in hopes that someone has got to click one of them, it is wise to pick and choose relevant offers. Also, when placing advertisements on your website be sure to run sizing and placement tests to determine which ad sizes and placements convert best on your site.

It may also be wise to use in-text advertisements, also called in context links, which are much more discrete and does not take up actual ad space. You have probably encountered in-text advertisements while reading news articles or blog posts. In-text ads are essentially hyperlinked words or phrases that direct the user to a related page, or in this case a related offer.

Data Monetization:

Data monetization is the act of monetizing valuable user data such as demographics, or “in-market” data (user interests) via data exchanges, or to advertisers. You can also generate further user data via newsletters and/or registration forms on your site for further data collection.

Selling your Ad Space:

If you are not particularly interested in publishing advertisements on your website yourself, yet would still like to monetize your ad space – you may sell your ad space to a media buyer.

Paid Memberships:

Depending on the type of site you offer, you may consider monetizing existing traffic by developing a paid membership program. This tends to work better with niche websites that can offer users the opportunity to access premium content or community privileges through a membership.


Providing value to your users for a suggested donation – most notably executed by Wikipedia in passionate campaigns to support its existence and contributors. Not every website will have success with this approach; as donation based websites only really make sense in a few scenarios. If your website is original in content, has passionate followers, or perhaps can provide an incentive for the user to donate, then this may be something to consider.

Paid Reviews:

If you own a blog site with a large following, you may offer to write paid reviews for like products or websites.

In the end, your website is your creation – therefore, you can create any monetizable opportunity you desire with the right effort. Ultimately, if you’ve built up a successful website and monetization model, you may sell your site and cash out!

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