Do you have a large user base, current traffic or have a rapidly expanding user base? Start monetizing existing and new users by offering additional products to them during the installation and get paid for each advertised product your users install.

Many download products are free, and in order to make this happen we show other optional downloads during the installation process of your product so that you can make money. We pay you for each completed installation you send us. We build out the installer with the offer screens, host it, and you send the traffic. We run all our partners through a Quality Assurance (QA) check and always clearly disclose what a user installs.

How can I make money?

How Can I get Distribution

user clicks “download”

user begins installation

user may select optional products

user installs, you get paid

kbm² Installer Technology

All our installations are managed by sterkly’s kbm² installer technology. The kbm² installer optimizes the install path to ensure the highest ROI on each install. It automatically produces the best possible payout for our publishers and the highest quality user for our advertisers. sterkly offers the KBM² installer technology free of charge to its partners.

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