When you picture a team outing with your co-workers you probably see yourself at a baseball game, a music event or enjoying a relaxing picnic in the park.  You wouldn’t imagine yourself diving, rolling and crawling in dirt while avoiding getting shot with a paintball gun by your office mate.  Well, we do things a little different here at sterkly. There are few ways better to build camaraderie than pitting your team against each other in war games.

June 28th 1300 hours

The team met at the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park for a fun day of paint ball games. Each game lasted 15-25 minutes and we rotated through the eight different fields throughout the day.  If we weren’t protecting a castle or crawling through a ravine, we were sniping off our opponents and avoiding getting hit.

Here is a look back at some of the fields we played on:

The first course we played; quick casualties ensued


Very cool downed airplane but not allowed inside 🙁


Abandoned bunkers not the greatest cover


Smokey the Bear never looked so intimidating

Not only was the day filled with epic combat maneuvers and sharp shooting,  the team also encountered some wildlife.  The referee ended one of our games early on account of a baby bob cat on the course.  Apparently if there is a baby bob cat around, you can assume the Momma bob cat is nearby.

None of us stuck around to see if this was true.

Despite a few bruises and scratches, everyone had a really great time!  But it’s always a great time when you’re kicking back with the sterkly crew!

Team sterkly “prepping” for paintball play