As part of our benefits package, sterkly introduced free Yoga classes twice a week for employees.  Aside from Yoga being a good practice to strip away the layers of stress (and fat) accumulated from even a day’s work in a marketing firm, the lessons it teaches are relevant to our mission as a marketing network.

So what exactly does a 4000 year old system of Patanjali sutras have to do with marketing?  Yoga’s Sanskrit definition literally translates to “yoke”, meaning “to join”, “to unite” or “to attach”.  What better way to describe the assemblage of publishers and advertisers in the marketing funnel?

Yoga can teach us all valuable lessons in our approach to health & mindfulness in both life and marketing:

Be Flexibile

From the obsessively detailed to the laid-back, sterkly’s clients all have different personalities, needs and demands.  We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not fit with our goal of delivering the best possible customer service to our partners.  Developing a high amount of personal flexibility, through training, practice and education, allows our account managers to (literally) bend over backwards for our clients.

Breathe Deep

With the constant change in the industry, it’s easy to get stressed out and turn a simple misunderstanding into something that ends up terminating a relationship.  With Yoga, you’re taught to take full breaths in and full breaths out, stimulating the flow of endorphins and calming the mind.  With a heavy workload, it’s too easy not to take a little time before reacting to an angry email or a redundant question.

Push Yourself

At the core of yoga is a spirit of finding the physical limits of your body and exceeding them.  We all know there’s no shortage of competition in the marketing industry and it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out.  At sterkly, a competitive edge brought on by a rival company is not seen as a bad thing – it is seen as a goal that we must push ourselves to exceed to continually provide the best service and technology in the industry.