Google AdSense has become the market leader in terms of pay per click advertising. Due to its strict terms and conditions, many web publishers are denied or blocked from Google Adsense, sometimes for no good reason. If you are looking for sources outside of AdSense, there are several alternatives to enhance your ad portfolio and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

1. AdBrite

AdBrite is a good alternative for all publishers including bloggers, which often have a tough time gaining access to these types of programs.  Along with their more relaxed terms and conditions, AdBrite is also known for their competitive payouts. Publishers using AdBrite are able to set their own bid prices on their inventory which is then put up for auction on the AdBrite exchange. You can then optimize results with full transparency and control.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser  is another popular alternative to Adsense, where they are known to offer some intriguing ad formats and high payouts (pay-per click). Advantages include no minimum spend or time commitment and the ability to choose the sites you want your ads to be featured on. They also have two features that can help increase your revenue.

  • Conversion Bonus – they will track the clicks and if they turn into valid leads they will pay an additional conversion bonus to the publisher.
  • Revenue Generating Toolbar – allows you to distribute your own customized toolbar to your website viistor and then earn money when your users are utilizing the toolbar for searching.

3. InfoLinks

InfoLinks uses inline text ads. Double underlined hyperlink words randomly appear throughout your site. When a visitor hovers over the double underlined info link, an advertisement box will pop up. When the advertisement is clicked, you will receive revenue. Infolinks indexes your blog content and place ad links automatically on your site according to keyword selection. Many people actually use infolinks as a secondary ad network along with AdSense or any of its alternatives.

4. Kontera

Kontera is an in text advertising network, they are open to all publishers regardless of their traffic numbers.  They are very similar to InfoLinks, instead of creating a space to display an ad, Kontera inserts links within the text itself, and you are paid when the ad is clicked. They have a unique platform, called Synapse that uses a special algorithm that reads text for actual meaning rather than scanning for keywords.

5. Chitika

Chitika is another search targeted advertising network, very similar to AdSense where you are paid on a pay per click basis. Also known to have a wide variety of ad sizes and formats. You can also display chitika ads along with AdSense to earn additional revenue.

As we’re all aware AdSense has strict requirements and policies. The most minor violation, even if you didn’t know you were committing can get your account banned, forever! Even if you are not denied or banned, its always  a good idea to diversify your marketing mix and find additional ways to monetize your site. It’s not always the best idea to keep all your eggs in the same basket so hopefully the few mentioned above will help you.

Along with the five popular AdSense alternatives, please check out this extensive list of additional options that may be a better fit or help monetize your site.