Pay per view is a type of advertising where you display your ad and pay each time your website or landing page is shown to a potential visitor.  PPV networks are a popular source with affiliate marketing. Traffic typically comes from adware where users have downloaded and installed on their computer to gain access to free content or games. Some of the top PPV Networks out there are the following:

Direct CPV – A safe place to start is Direct CPV, because it is a great network for beginners. They require a low minimum cost, $100 deposit and the traffic quality is good.

TrafficVance is a well known and popular PPV network. Their traffic comes from people who have installed their Game Vance software. They have access to a ton of traffic and require $1,000 to open an account. Since they are popular, many affiliates are bidding which causes traffic to be a bit more expensive.

LeadImpact is one of the more popular PPV networks. Consists of over 10 million monthly users and have the ability to target by keywords and URLs. They also have a small minimum, $200.

Media Traffic receives traffic from serving ads to people who have installed their screensaver product, Vomba. You won’t receive as much volume here as some of the other PPV networks but their minimum is low, requiring only $200 to open an account.

AdOn Network receives traffic by serving ads to people who have installed the My Geek shopping toolbar. They are unique because instead of serving pop-ups on contextual traffic, they serve pop-unders.

Also, you may refer to the following PPV Tools that will help you maximize your returns.

  • AffPortal
  • Justin Dupre Marketplace
  • Aweber
  • Affexpert
  • PPVPlaybook
  • Google URL Scraper

Remember that it is always beneficial to diversify your marketing mix and have options running your campaigns on different traffic sources so utilizing PPV networks helps you scale traffic & revenue.